Tips for the ultimate honeymoon in Namibia

honeymoon in Namibiahoneymoon in Namibia
honeymoon in Namibiahoneymoon in Namibia


Tips for the ultimate honeymoon in Namibia

When you imagine a typical honeymoon, you likely imagine stretching out on tropical beaches or strolling through the streets of European cities. But imagine doing something completely different. Imagine camping under the stars in Namibia. If that sounds like something you might like to do, here are some tips for the ultimate honeymoon in Namibia.


Where to stay

Self-drive holidays are an ideal way to see everything this beautiful country has to offer.  You can drive from camping spot to camping spot, from Sossusvlei to Spitzkoppe, seeing the dunes, mountains and bodies of water Namibia is famous for like the Fish River Canyon. Sleeping under the stars will make this an experience you’ll never forget. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Red desert dunes ensure you’re isolated from the outside world, you’ll even feel like you’re on another planet. And when you’re looking for some creature comforts, look for camps that have honeymoon suites. You’ll be able to relax in comfort and take a night off from the work of camping. An added bonus, these honeymoon suites are often set away from the rest of the camp to ensure maximum privacy.


What to pack

When you go camping, you need to be prepared. There's a lot of equipment you need when you go camping, so it's best you start collecting your goods now. You're going to need a tent, poles and stakes. A ground cover needs to go underneath your tent and another tarp needs to cover your tent. You're going to need pillows, a sleeping bag and pad for you and your spouse. Chairs for each person are essential as well as headlamps and lanterns. For your camping kitchen area, you'll need a stove and fuel for that stove, matches or lighter, firewood, a frying pan or pot, food-storage containers or bags, and trash bags. Depending on how fancy your camping trip is, you might need a portable coffee maker, corkscrew, tablecloth and candles. You'll definitely need a cooler and plenty of ice, water bottles for each of you, plates or bowls and cutlery, cups or mugs, knives and other cooking utensils, a cutting board, and cleaning equipment. Once you have all of those items, your campsite is ready to go. Now you'll need to consider the goods you'll need for yourself. You'll need clothing to last you through your trip, swimsuits, rainwear, a couple of different pairs of shoes including hiking or walking boots, shoes that are easy to slip on and off, and maybe a pair of sandals for the shared toilet space, and, lastly, extra layers for warmth are essential. Sunscreen, hats and maybe gloves are important to be prepared for all seasons. Travel items like cameras, maps and campsite info are all must-pack items. Personal items like sunscreen, insect repellent, a first-aid kit, prescription medications, soap and other toiletries are all important. Also, this is your honeymoon, so don't forget the items you'll need for fun in the tent. Condoms, lube and sex toys are all going to make this camping trip especially memorable.


When to go

Late May to November is the dry season in Namibia, so this is the ideal time to go. But Namibia tends to experience low rainfall year round, so don’t stay away because you’re afraid of a few raindrops. If you're planning on going to the Etosha National Park, the end of the dry season is the ideal time to visit. The area is so dry that the zebras, elephants and giraffes congregate at the watering holes for a truly spectacular sight. This is a country of unrivalled beauty and one which offers exceptional experiences. Whenever you choose to go, you will have the time of your life. And knowing you’re there at the start of your marriage will make the experience that much more meaningful.


honeymoon in Namibia
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